The Bare Truth Assignment

Perfectly imperfect women inspiring others to  re-shape their thinking so they can re-think their shape.

I didn't plan for this.  i didn't ask for it. It was as if Universal Intelligence assigned me this task, hence the title. It's as if I am to take all I have done up until now and use those skills to help women.

I have spent a career being a Professional Storyteller,  a career mostly created through video in Television News, Entertainment News, Commercial Production and Independent film.  My creations have won multiple awards, including Emmy's, and I have worked with every walk of life from the  homeless to top celebrities. During my last 9 years in TV, I was an Assignments Manager, managing crews who gathered our day to day stories.

I had to assign these reporters and videographers to cover the big stories of the day.  The topic of women's self-worth continues to be, a story of the day. All you have to do is search the web to find many of them.

When I shifted my skills into the world of stills photography, (specifically high contrast, black and white, fine art nudes) I backed into something I never could have dreamed.

The women shared their pain. The photos helped them triumph over it. Art became a conduit for healing. 
What can I, as a man, possibly know about body image for women? I have been married, for 23 years, to a plus-size woman. I can tell her 1000 times a  day she is beautiful and she won't hear me but let someone say something negative and she will hear it 1000 times. 

I have rejoiced in her highs and felt helpless in her lows .

Statistics show that women of every size, shape and condition struggle with body image. By sharing some of these stories, I hope to touch the lives of as many women as I can and help them try to  reshape their thinking so they can rethink their shape.